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In the previous blog, We talked about the spring MVC which is one of the project which comes under Spring umbrella of projects. There is another great project from spring technology from the security point of view of the application, it is called spring security. Spring security is a spring-based security framework and is defacto standard for security implementation of spring based applications. Spring security provides many out-of-the-box security features that can be used directly out of the box such as login form, encryption for passwords, etc. Spring Security targets two major parts of the security concerns of an application…


Spring MVC is a framework used for the development of web applications using java ee technology. It comes under the spring project umbrella which, is a bunch of projects built around spring architecture principles. Spring follows the best coding practices and design patterns, which allow them to make their framework easy to use and learn. Spring contains a bunch of projects like Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Microservices, etc. Each project focuses on a different aspect of application development. Spring MVC is one such project which focuses on the web development aspect of an application. So what it is, we’ll…


JavaEE gives the programmer very rich sets of API to use directly out of the box without implementing them manually. One such API is a servlet that helps Java programmers create a java component that acts as a server to its client on a remote location. We use servlet technologies most of the time for web development to develop dynamic web pages. Servlet and JSP are fairly old technologies, but they are the building blogs of the current java web ecosystem. All of the latest and greatest technologies such as Spring use servlet and JSP under the hood. So even…


In CSS we can layout the page in several different ways. Laying out a page is very crucial when web designing is concerned. you can not always depend on the default way of organizing elements in HTML and CSS. The default behavior of CSS and HTML for placing elements onto the canvas of a web page is called the Box model. so let’s understand what this box model does and what other options do we have so that we can layout the page in a more flexible way.

Box Model in CSS

By default HTML elements, follows a boxed model arranged in Normal Flow…


In the Database, the table is related data stored at the same location. That is Data related to an employee will be stored at the employee table and data related to department stored at department table. This is a piece of related information. If we want to access which department a particular employee belongs to, we perform selection on the join of these two tables. That is the employee and the department table. That constitutes a new table including both table’s information. But why not do joining at the creation of tables itself and combine these two tables Into a…

A solution to a problem is also called an algorithm in programming. There is also a textbook definition for an algorithm you can read it here. But informally algorithm is just a way to solve a problem. There can be multiple algorithms to solve one problem. But are they efficient enough has to be calculated before used in the program or problem you are trying to solve, then how do we measure which algorithm is best out of many available?.

Algorithm efficiency generally calculated using these two measures one is Time Complexity and the other Space Complexity. about this both…

Object-Oriented Programming is a paradigm of programming, which states everything in an application is fundamentally an Object and its state at the given time. Object-Oriented Programming helps us avoid writing fragile, rigid, and non-reusable code. OOP has four fundamental notions that it strictly follows. They are Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation. In the following section, we are going to look at each one of them in depth. but before that we need to understand what do we mean by object.

object oriented programming system.

Objects and Classes

Objects are the basis of object-oriented programming because, in object-oriented programming, objects communicate with another Object to do any work…

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